Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cognition and instruction

This chapter helped understand the different kinds of learning models being used today. The discovery model uses methods where they learn material better when they have studied it on their own.A group project we did 2 semesters ago for our Biology class help us understand the material because we were our own teachers. We set up a survey of students working full time or part time and the effect on thir GPA. We had to provide a premise and then set up the hypothesis aand show the results to the class.I also liked the article on worked examples. It is true that model did help me to understand my Algebra courses better.By viewing the complete problem step by step I was then able to work the .problem out. Technology has changed how students learn. Teachers need to use the fundamental skills of reading,writing, and math and use them with new methods of teaching within the technology field.New technologies have helped students interact socially with one another.A recent class interacted with the NASA shuttle launch. We need to provide emphasis on critical thinking and have the students process the information slowly so as too understand it better. With the internet everywhere information overload can also be a problem.


  1. I think that older students are able to pace themselves, and learn better by teaching themselves. For younger students, the motivation is usually not there for them to be successful without someone to step in and direct them every now and then.

    Technology is everywhere, and the internet is a big part of students lives. I do feel there is a lot of information on the internet, that could cause someone to feel overwhelmed at times. I think like you stated with direction, the students can be successful, and use the tools that they have been exposed to all of their lives.

  2. I know that an experienced teacher can monitor the pace of any lesson. Technology is used as a tool and with that we as teachers need to make sure what our students are doing. Learning is an amazing accomplishment. What we use to teach is a tool and technology happens to be one of those tools.