Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The focus on educational technology is to use the right tools so the studenrt learner can be able to understand the material.One of the aspects of being an teacher is developing the skills needed to organize and present a set of concepts to a classroom Mathematics is one of those tools that makes students to analyze and break down a problem.Students abalyze the giveb problem and then select a aproblem solving technique. This eventually lease to the students tackling real world issues and providing solutions to those questions.Problem solving involves decision-making skills that are necessary for an individual to learn,It is unbelievable we only use ten percent of our brain."We are making use of only a small part of our possible mental and physical resources" (from The Energies of Men, p. 12).What are some tools or techniques you use in the classroom to sti,ulate the student learner?


  1. My 1 year old son and I are taking a music class together. Emphasis is placed on developing auditory skills. As mentioned in Chapter 9, the auditory section of the brain is located in the right hemisphere. One way to help children develop this skill is to sing a familiar tune, leave out words, and wait. For example, sing, “Twinkle, twinkle, little _____” and wait for a response. Even if the child doesn’t respond right away the brain is still active and with consistent practice the child will begin to “hear” the tune in his\her head. I have heard of cases where people aren’t able to hear a tune in their head. These people were either deaf the first few years of life or they weren’t allowed to sing as a child.

  2. When I was a teacher in the classroom, I always tried different things to help the students. One tool I used to help students was a journal, which went across curriculum. The students had a journal in every class, and would document notes and what was learned. This reinforced any lesson that was taught, and served as a study guide for the students. I also tried to use "a hook" when I presented a lesson. This way I had the students attention and could get them interested in the lesson.

  3. I think any good teacher does their best to encourage learner through every sense we have. Breaking down learning styles further is the sign of an experienced teacher. It isn't just making the same lesson easy and one hard but also watching how each students interacts with the subject matter and then cater the teach to their needs.